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Microsoft Nominates Three MVPs for Windows Installer

The Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award is an annual award that is given to outstanding members of Microsoft's peer-to-peer communities. There are more than thousand MVPs for various Microsoft technologies. In 2003 for the first time Microsoft nominated three MVPs for the Windows Installer category:

Created: 2003-04-30

Job Opportunity: Lead Installshield Engineer in Portland, OR, USA


This position is responsible for specifying, designing, testing and documenting the Install function of product-related software with minimal direction from an Engineering Manager. This position represents the leader of the Install Engineers on the Build, Install, and Tools (BIT) team. This is an Install Engineer who holds the principal role in developing the overall solutions for a project and ensures that all Install engineering tasks in the project are assigned and completed to specification.

Essential Functions:

Required Skills:

Please contact:
Kim Ewert
Corporate Recruiter, Timberline Software
15195 NW Greenbrier Parkway
Beaverton, OR 97006
Created: 2003-04-24

InstallShield Developer 8 Service Pack 2

The new service pack adds full support for .NET Framework version 1.1 and fixes some bugs that had been introduced with service pack 1. Service pack 2 requires that Developer 8 SP1 be previously installed and is recommended for all users of Developer 8. The serivce pack is available free of charge for users of Developer 8.0. To obtain the service pack "Check for Updates" from the Tools menu. For more details see the knowledge base article Q108481.
Created: 2003-04-17

VMware Workstation 4 Released

Virtual machines are a great alternative to disk imaging software, and indispensible for software and setup tests on various operating systems, repackaging on clean machines, help desks. VMware now have released a new version of their Workstation product, bringing it up to time with the latest operating systems, and adding several useful improvements. New features include:

VMware Workstation is available in two editions: for Windows hosts and for Linux hosts. Upgrade pricing is available. Users who bought VMware Workstation 3.2 after February 19, 2003 are entitled to a free update.

More information
Created: 2003-04-08

InstallShield AdminStudio 5 Released

InstallShield's solution for system administrators has been updated and improved significantly. It now comes in three levels: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise Server. Some of the new features (some of which are not available in each edition):

More information
Created: 2003-04-03

InstallShield Developer 8 Service Pack 1

The first service pack for InstallShield Developer 8 includes several bugs fixes and also brings some great new features:

The serivce pack is available free of charge for users of Developer 8.0. To obtain the new version select "Check for Updates" from the Tools menu. For more details see the release notes.
Created: 2003-03-27

InstallShield MultiPlatform with Mac OS X Support

The latest version of InstallShield's Java based installation tool broadens platform support, adding Max OS X and Generic Unix support. Other enhancements include patch and update installs, running in console or silent mode, optional use of Java Swing for a richer look and feel of your installer user interface, and many more. More details and ordering information
Created: 2003-03-17

Second Hotfix for InstallShield Professional 7.01

This hotfix updates the install engine to fix a bug in function ComponentFileInfo and error 5006 (0x8007003) during setup initialization. The hotfix is available from the Online menu or from knowledge base article Q108226.
Created: 2003-03-17

InstallShield Skin Customization Kit

InstallShield have released a tool to create custom skins for setups created with InstallShield Professional 7 and InstallShield Developer (InstallScript MSI project type only). This tool enables you to modify the predefined skins or create completely custom skins. You can use your own background graphics, buttons and color scheme. There are two things this tool cannot do:

The Skin Customization Kit can be downloaded here. In Professional 7 it is also available through the Online | Check For Updates menu. For additional information read the whitepaper.

Share your skins: You are welcome to send your created skins to for publication on InstallSite. Please make sure you have a license for any included graphics for this purpose, to avoid copyright infringement.
Created: 2003-03-01

MSDE 2000 SP3 Installation and Update Hints

After the SQLSlammer outbreak Microsoft has rushed out Service Pack 3 for MSDE 2000. In case of the full SQL Server the server administrator is responsible for installing the latest service packs and security fixes. But if your software installs MSDE 2000, it is your task to distribute the update to your customers. End users will typically not be able to install the update (see below why), and may not even be aware of the danger they are in.
You can download MSDE 2000 SP3 from This package includes the files for a full install as well as patches to update existing instances. It also includes updated merge modules. Here are some hints for using the new version and for updating existing customers:

Note that new bugs have been introduced with SP3, and known bugs still exist. For details see the Bugs Bulletin.

See also:

Created: 2003-01-29    Last update: 2003-02-12

Hotfix for InstallShield Professional 7.01

After installing Service Pack 1 for InstallShield Professional 7.0, ISPIde.exe may crash during conversion of projects created with versions 5.x or 6.x. InstallShield has now published a hotfix to solve this problem. The bug was introduced with SP1, so users of Professional 7.00 without service pack are not affected by the problem. The hotfix can be downloaded by selecting Check for Updates from the Online menu, or from knowledge base article Q107893.
Created: 2003-02-01

Microsoft Releases Tools to Detect Vulnerable SQL Server and MSDE Instances

Microsoft has released three tools to help combating the SQLSlammer worm:

These tools can be downloaded from
Created: 2003-01-31

Worm Attacks SQL Server 2000 and MSDE

During that last weekend the "SQLSlammer" worm infected thousands of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and MSDE 2000 that didn't have Service Pack 3 applied. The worm makes use of a well known vulnaribility that has been fixed in SP3. While speading over the internet it caused huge traffic on UDP port 1434, effectively disabling sections of the web. If you are using SQL Server 2000 or MSDE 2000, and are connected to the internet: make sure you have the latest service pack installed. Any firewall should be configured to block incoming and outgoing requests on UDP port 1434.
More information: Microsoft TechNet Advisory about the SQLSlammer worm
Created: 2003-01-25    Last update: 2003-01-28

Job Opportunity in UK

The following job offer is being published by request:

Application Packager: WISE & InstallShield Contract

Our client is looking for a contractor with in-depth experience in using WISE and ideally also InstallShield to package Windows 2000 software applications in particular W2K service packs, Hotfixes. You be used to working under tight deadlines and have good communication skills.

Please contact:

Gill Dennis
Recruitment Manager
Allegis Group IT&C Strategic Staffing
2nd Floor
8 Eagle Court
Office Tel +44 (0) 20 7608 8300
Office Fax +44 (0) 20 7608 8333

Created: 2003-01-20

InstallShield Training News

InstallShield is extending their training offerings in Europe and Australia:

Created: 2003-01-14

Value Pack 2 for InstallShield AdminStudio

InstallShield has released a second value pack as free update for AdminStudio users. Double-Byte Character Support has been added for repackaging localized legacy applications. During Conversion, the Legacy Conversion Wizard will use the language codepage of the Operating System that the application was repackaged under. The matching language pack must be installed to have a localized UI in the built MSI package. For the Professional edition the value pack also adds a new Bulk Import feature that allows you to import multiple Windows Installer (MSI) packages, and associated transforms from the command line, or scripted INI file. This allows for scheduled rebuilding or additions to the ConflictSolver database. In addition, some bugs have been fixed. For details see the release notes. To obtain the value pack select Check for Updates from the Help menu.
Created: 2002-12-29

Service Pack 1 for InstallShield Professional 7

InstallShield has released an update for Professional 7.0. Besides bugs fixes this service pack significantly improves single exe (self extracting) media, media encryption and password protection. It even includes a password dialog. The service pack includes the previously released hotfix and updated Windows CE object. It is available free of charge for users of Professional 7.0x. To obtain the new version select "Check for Updates" from the Online menu. For more details see the release notes.
Created: 2002-12-13

RTPatch Pro 7 Released

PocketSoft released a new version of their patching tool that supports both Windows Installer (MSI) as well as legacy setups. Based on more than 10 years of experience RTPatch Pro 7 adds value to Windows Installer technology by replacing Microsoft's MSI 2.0 patch creation engine with Pocket Soft's proprietary RTPatch BUILD engine. RTPatch Pro 7 is fully compatible with Windows Installer as it produces .MSP files. For more information visit the Pocket Soft homepage and read their FAQ about Windows Installer and RTPatch.
Created: 2002-12-10

InstallShield Special Offers End December 31

Time is running out on several special deals on InstallShield software:

Created: 2002-12-09

msi4admins_book.jpg (3083 Byte)Windows Installer Book for System Administrators

"Administrator's Introduction to Application Repackaging and Software Deployment using Windows Installer" is now available. Written by Bob Baker, author of two other Windows Installer books, and Robert Dickau, author of several InstallShield training materials, this book is a reference for Administators migrating to the Windows Installer service. It provides an in-depth review of the standard features and often-missed secrets for creating MSI packages. Baker and Dickau guide through the intricacies of the Windows Installer service and the complete suite of complementary tools that come with InstallShield AdminStudio. Click here for details
Created: 2002-12-03

False Spyware Alert for InstallShield Software

It is reported that PestPatrol, a security and personal privacy tool that claims to detect trojans, spyware, adware and hacker tools, recently detected Kazaa Spyware in certain InstallShield files. This is a "false positive", and other tools like Ad-Aware or SpyBot do not report any problems with these files. InstallShield has worked with PestPatrol to resolve this issue, and PestPatrol has released a fix which is available from
Created: 2002-11-29

InstallShield Express 4 Released

click here

InstallShield has added power to their entry level setup authoring tool. InstallShield Express 4.0 now comes with the capability to create binary patches, support for IIS web services, system search functionality, additional options for installation conditions, path variables for source files, and additional runtime languages (Danish, Norwegian, Portuguese). Like its "big brother" InstallShield Developer 8, Express 4 can be fully integrated into Visual Studio .NET, enabling it to be run in that environment or with the traditional Express IDE.
Another benefit of the Visual Studio integration is a bundle offer of Express 4 with Visual Studio .NET (Professional, Enterprise Developer or Enterprise Architect levels) at extraordinary low prices.
Click here for details
Created: 2002-11-27

Patch Tool for InstallShield Professional 7

vBuild for InstallShield Professional is a new product jointly developed by Red Bend, a company specializing in update and compression technology, and InstallShield. vBuild automatically transforms installation packages created with InstallShield Professional 7.0 into upgrade installations for previous versions and significantly reduces the update size. vBuild will also reduce your full version setups, using compression that is more powerful than ZIP or CAB. Using vBuild, there is no need to create a separate update setup for each previous version as is necessary with the Update Authoring option of the InstallShield Professional 7.0. More information
Created: 2002-11-19

Developer 7 Hotfix fixed

InstallShield has released a hot fix for InstallShield Developer. It is recommended for all versions including 7.04. The hotfix addresses three issues: Standard setups occassionally fail to run on Windows NT4 SP6 target systems (IDriver crash), Standard setups are not registered properly when installed by non-administrators (fix only applied to Developer 7.0 with SP3 or greater), and Basic MSI setups using InstallScript sometimes hang during setup progress on Windows 9x target systems. Existing setups should be rebuilt after the hotfix is applied to the development system.
On October 23, 2002 a fixed hotfix has been released, and the isscript.msi on has been updated. Previously there have been some problems with the first release of the hotfix:
If you select to use version 1.2 of the Windows Installer runtime instead of version 2.0 it causes the setup progress bar to stay at 0% while the installation completes successfully.
If you select to download the InstallScript engine from an error message will be displayed at runtime because the engine on that server hasen't been updated with the hotfix.
To receive the update select Check for Updates from the Tools menu.
For more information about the known issues and possible workarounds see the Bugs Bulletin.
Created: 2002-09-23    Last update: 2002-11-07

Rebate Offer for InstallShield Professional

If you buy InstallShield Professional 7 (full product, upgrade or subscription) until December 31, 2002 you can receive a refund of 200 EUR/200 USD. This offer is similar to the current offer for Developer 8. Click here for details.
Created: 2002-10-18

InstallShield Developer 8 and AdminStudio 3.5 Value Pack Available

The new version of InstallShield Developer is now available. New features in Developer 8 include:

InstallShield guarantees that your Developer 7 or InstallShield for Windows Installer project will seamlessly migrate. And if it doesn't, they offer to fix it at no cost.
For a limited time you can get a refund of 200 EUR/200 USD if you buy Developer 8 (either full product or upgrade). Click here for details about this offer.

InstallShield Developer is integrated in InstallShield AdminStudio as authoring component. Owners of AdminStudio 3.5 (which comes with Developer version 7.04 built in) can download Developer 8 in form of a value pack free of charge. For details see InstallShield's knowledge base article Q107239.

For an introduction to the new version watch the free webinar:
Developer 8 Technology Overview for Evaluators
Date: October 22, 2002
Time: 18.00 GMT (= 1 pm US Central DST)
Click here to enroll
Created: 2002-10-15

Lower Prices for InstallShield Software

The prices for all InstallShield software products have been reduced by 10% in the InstallSite Shop. The prices for some books and support contracts have also been reduced. The new prices are valid since October 12, 2002 andare listed here.
Created: 2002-10-12

VMware Workstation 3.2 Available

click here

VMware has released a new version of their Workstation product that enables you to run multiple operating systems (not restricted to Windows) on one computer simultaneously in virtual machines. VMware Workstation is used by many setup developers for testing because you can restore a virtual machine to a known "clean" state quickly with the click of a button. New in version 3.2:

VMware Workstation 3.2 is available in the InstallSite Shop. Registered owners of Workstation 3.0 and 3.1 can download version 3.2 free of charge.
Created: 2002-10-05

Hotfix for InstallShield Professional 7

InstallShield released a first hotfix for Professional 7. It includes the following fixes:

To obtain the hotfix select Check For Updates from the Online menu.
Created: 2002-10-05

Rebates for InstallShield Limited Edition Owners

Owners of limited editions of InstallShield products that are included in development tools from Borland and Microsoft can receive a rebate of $100-$200 US Dollars when upgrading to a full product version. Details to be posted soon. Please contact if you are interested in this offer.
Created: 2002-09-26

"Making Sense of Windows Installer" Seminars in Europe and India

This one day seminar explains the major advantages of Windows Installer technology over legacy installation techniques, and shows how to leverage the full feature set of the technology, including how to adhere to Microsoft’s best practices when creating MSI installer databases. Attendees receive a free copy of Bob Baker's book "Getting Started with InstallShield Developer and Windows Installer". Additional dates have been announced in France, Spain, United Kingdom and Germany for November and December 2002.
This seminar is also available in India (Mumbai and Bangalore) in October 2002.
Click here for dates and locations
Created: 2002-09-24    Last update: 2002-09-26

McAfee Crashes Scanning InstallShield File

There are reports that the on-demand scanner (scan32.exe) of McAfee VirusScan crashes while scanning the file sysutils.dll that is included on the InstallShield Developer 7.04 CD-ROM. This seems to be an issue in McAfee VirusScan, and has been reported for scan32.exe versions 4.x. A few important things to note: McAfee does not report a virus in this file, nor do other virus scanners, so the file is not infected. The sysutils.dll file is only required to install InstallShield Developer (the IDE) on your development machine. It is not required to build setups nor is it included in your releases, so this is not an issue for your end users. The crash has only been reported for the version of sysutil.dll that is included in Developer 7.04, previous versions don't seem to be affected. The file is included on the CD or exists on your hard disk in directory [ProgramFilesFolder]InstallShield\SetupFiles\InstallShieldDeveloper704 (if you downloaded the software). As a workaround don't scan this file - either remove the CD from the drive before you start a system scan, or rename the file in the aforementioned folder. (Don't delete the file - it may be required for repair operations).
Created: 2002-09-05

Deploying .NET Applications WebCast

During this Support WebCast, you will learn how to create packages for Microsoft .NET applications by using Microsoft Visual Studio deployment projects. Presentation given by Adam Semel, Microsoft Corp. Adam Semel is a Backup Tech Lead for the Windows Installer Support team. He has been a Microsoft employee for two years. Adam is a member of the Visual Studio .NET Beta program. He has delivered more than 10 Windows Installer training sessions to customers.
WebCastView this WebCast
Created: 2002-08-31    Last update: 2002-09-23

InstallShield Developer + Visual Studio .NET

Bundle Offer
InstallShield Developer 7 + Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Professional

"Repackaging and Windows Installer Essentials for System Administrators" Seminar

This new one day seminar is intended for Systems Administrators, Repackagers, Help Desk Engineers, IT Managers, and others focusing on repackaging applications to the Windows Installer service (MSI) format. When you attend you'll learn MSI tricks, pitfalls, and best practices of the new standard installation engine on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Attendees will receive a free copy of the upcoming book "Adminstrator's Introduction to Application Repackaging and Software Deployment using Window Installer". The seminar will be held in cities across the USA in October and November 2002.
Click here for more information


Order InstallShield AdminStudio 3.5
Full Product,  Upgrade, Subscription Plan, Language Packs

AdminStudio 3.5 Release and Webinars

InstallShield AdminStudio 3.5 is now available. It has an improved Repackager based on InstallMonitor technology, a new conversion wizard for Novell ZENworks, Microsoft SMS and WinINSTALL files, enhanced Conflict Solver and more. It also includes the latest version of InstallShield Developer 7 (with service pack 4) as Author component. Version 3.5 is not available free of charge for existing customers, it's a paid upgrade. Technical details about the new version can be found in the release notes.
You can see AdminStudio 3.5 in action in the free AdminStudio 3.5 Repackaging Webinar. Click here to view the recording (duration 90 minutes).
Created: 2002-08-26    Last update: 2002-08-30


Order InstallShield AdminStudio 3.5
Full Product,  Upgrade, Subscription Plan, Language Packs

Windows Installer 2.0 Enhancements WebCast

During this Support WebCast session you will learn about the new features that have been added to the Windows Installer 2.0 engine, and the key problems in version 1.x that are fixed in version 2.0. Presentation given by Erik Kupferer, Microsoft Corporation. Erik has been with Microsoft over three years, bringing experience to the Windows Installer team from the Office Premier Applications support teams. He is very familiar with the inner workings of the Windows Installer engine and the .NET Deployment tool.
WebCastView this WebCast (recording)
Created: 2002-08-17    Last update: 2002-08-30

InstallShield Professional 7 Released 

The new version of InstallShield's "classic" product line is now available. InstallShield Professional 7.0 is based on the same InstallScript technology as Professional 6.x, it's not using Windows Installer/MSI. The new version includes many enhancements that users have requested and more:

Projects created with Professional 6.3 should convert seemlessly to version 7.0. InstallShield evens offers free assistance for migration problems. For more information and introductory offers see
Created: 2002-07-01    Last update: 2002-08-14

New Patch for InstallShield Professional 6.31

A few days before the release of Professional 7 InstallShield has published another patch for Professional 6.31.  A first patch had been released three months ago. The patches are available in knowledge base articles Q105927 (patch 1) and Q106585 (patch 2 which requires patch 1 as prerequisite).
Created: 2002-08-13

.NET Service Pack 2

Microsoft has released a second service pack for the .NET Framework. A list of fixes and download is available at
Created: 2002-08-08

Update for InstallShield Professional 6 Engine and Setup Player

On July 29, 2002 InstallShield has released an updated version of iKernel.exe and of the One Click Install Setup Player. Unfortunately there are no details about what problems have been fixed in this version. You can get the update from knowledge base article Q105097.
Created: 2002-08-02

Service Pack 3 for Windows 2000 Released

Microsoft has released service pack 3 for Windows 2000. It is a cumulative pack that also includes the fixes from SP1, SP2 and the Security Rollup Package 1. Besides other updates and fixes SP3 installs version 2.0 of the Windows Installer runtime files. An .msi file is available to deploy SP3 using a Group Policy Object in Active Directory. The service pack can be downloaded from
Created: 2002-08-02

InstallShield Bundles Developer with Visual Studio .NET

InstallShield participates in Microsoft's Visual Studio Integration Program. The result is not only Developer 7.04 that can be fully integrated in the Visual Studio IDE, but also a limited time offer for a bundle of InstallShield Developer with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Professional. For a rather low extra price (between 112 € and 447 €, compared to the regular price of Developer) you get the Professional edition of Visual Studio .NET together with InstallShield Developer. There's even an option for existing Developer customers to get Visual Studio at a special rate. Click here for detailed pricing and ordering information.
Created: 2002-07-15

InstallShield Developer + Visual Studio .NET

Bundle Offer
InstallShield Developer 7 + Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Professional

InstallShield Developer 7.04 Released

The next version of InstallShield Developer is now available. The highlight of the new version is full integration in the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET development environment. A common interface can now be used for all development work, and installation projects are automatically updated as applications evolve. The stand alone IDE is also included so you can use Developer without Visual Studio. Service Pack 4 also improves .NET support and fixes some bugs. See the release notes for details. The German and Japanese editions are expected to follow a few weeks later. Service Pack 4 is available free of charge for users of Developer 7.0x. To obtain the new version select "Check for Updates" from the Tools menu.
Created: 2002-07-09

InstallShield Developer

Order InstallShield Developer 7
Full Product,  Upgrade, Subscription Plan, Language Packs
English and German Editions

InstallShield Developer Training in Australia

InstallShield adds Melbourne and Sydney to their international training locations. "Learning InstallShield Developer" courses in Australia will be held in July and November 2002. For more information and booking select your region:

Created: 2002-06-20

InstallShield Express 3.54 Released

The next version of InstallShield Express is now available. Express 3.54 introduces support for .NET applications, including installation of the .NET runtime and project wizards for Visual Basic .NET and C# applications. Other enhancements include the option to select the MSI 1.2 or 2.0 engine, creation of shortcuts pointing to files on the CD-ROM (source location), new merge modules, and of course bug fixes. It also includes a 6 month trial of the InstallShield Update Service. For more information see the release notes. ISX 3.54 is available free of charge for users of ISX 3.5x. To obtain the new version select "Update InstallShield" from the Help menu. If a full build of ISX 3.54 is required, please send your ISX serial number to with the subject line "Full Version of Express 3.5 SP4". You must include your ISX serial number in this mail - InstallShield will not provide the full version without your serial number.
Created: 2002-06-10

Bob Baker's New Book Now Available

InstallShield expert Bob Baker has written a new book: "Getting Started with InstallShield Developer and Windows Installer Setups". On 1000 pages the book introduces the concepts of Windows Installer based setups and shows how to use the authoring tool InstallShield Developer 7. For more information, table of contents, pricing and ordering visit the InstallSite Shop.
Created: 2002-05-26


Getting Started with InstallShield Developer and Windows Installer Setups
Now available in the InstallSite Shop

Increased Prevalence of Klez Virus

An increasing number of e-mails that are infected by viruses of the Klez family are arriving in my inbox. The Klez virus was first found in October 2001, and new variants are being added frequently. Klez can spread by e-mail and network shares. It exploits the same vulnerability in Internet Explorer as Nimda, Badtrans and other viruses to automatically run an infected attachment when you preview the mail in Outlook. This vulnerabiliy is long known, and a patch is available from Microsoft. All major anti virus tools will detect Klez, even with virus signature files that are several months old. The fact that the worm is still spreading shows that there is a significant number of users who never update their signature files, or don't use any anti virus software at all. Some variants of the virus use social engineering by sending mails with an infected executable, telling you that it is a tool that will protect you from Klez. Note that the virus forges the e-mail headers, so the address in the From: field may not be the real sender of the mail. More information about this virus can be found in the McAfee Virus Information Center.
Created: 2002-04-29

InstallShield Developer Promotion

The prices for InstallShield Developer have been reduced temporarily. Full prouct and the upgrade from InstallShield Express are available at 223 € less than the regular price, the upgrade from InstallShield Professional and the upgrade subscription are sold at 112 € off. The promotion will end May 20, 2002. Order in the InstallSite Shop.
Created: 2002-04-15

AdminStudio 3.01 Maintenance Release

An update for InstallShield AdminStudio 3.0 is available. Information about fixes and enhancements can be found in the release notes. The AdminStudio 3.01 update can be obtained by selecting "Check for Updates" from the Help menu.
Created: 2002-04-02

Service Pack 1 for .NET Framework

Microsoft released the first service pack for the .NET framework. The service pack mainly addresses security issues and is currently available in English and Japanese. Additional languages are to follow. A list of fixed bugs in this service pack is available in Microsoft's knowledge base article Q317396. The service can be downloaded from
Created: 2002-03-21

AdminStudio Special Offers

A special offer is intended to make starting with InstallShield AdminStudio more attractive. New customers can save about 35% when buying AdminStudio Professional, or 28% when buying AdminStudio Standard Edition. This offer is only valid for the first license, and expires at the end of April.
Created: 2002-03-09    Last update: 2002-04-15

New Forums on InstallSite

A new version of the software that drives the discussion forums on InstallSite has been installed. The update was required to fix some bugs, but it also introduces some nice features. You are now able to get notificationsby e-mail if replies are posted to a thread, even if you didn't post am essage in that thread yourself. This subscription automatically expires after 30 days (configurable) but can also be terminated manually. You can switch the forum user interface language to German. Some additional groups have been created, e.g. about CD Autorun tools, and two specific groups for Standard and Basic MSI projects in InstallShield Developer. Privacy has also been improved: your e-mail address is not visible to other board members, but they can still send you e-mails using a web form (if you enable this option in your control panel). All existing user accounts and messages have been carried over. The old forum will stay online for some time as read-only archive. If you have questions or suggestions about the new forum software, there's a specific forum where you can post them. Visit the new forum.
Created: 2002-03-04

New Version of Windows Installer Runtime

Microsoft released a new version of the Windows Installer runtime files. The new version number is 2.0.2600.2 for both ANSI (for Windows 95/98/Me) and Unicode (for NT4/2000) versions. Previously the Unicode version was 2.0.2600.0 and the ANSI version 2.0.2600.1. There is currently no information why this new version was released, and if it fixes any problems. This new version cannot be used to update the installer engine on Windows XP. The new runtime installer can be downloaded from the following locations:

For  Windows NT 4 and Windows 2000:

For Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows Me:

Note: although these download pages specify a release date of September 25, 2001, the downloadable files are actually of February 26, 2002 (ANSI version) and February 19, 2002 (Unicode version).
Created: 2002-02-27    Last update: 2002-03-18

Palm Installation Support for InstallShield Professional

BizSoft Corporation, a company that specializes in the creation of Objects for InstallShield Professional 6, has released a set of objects to install software to handheld devices running with the Palm operating system. The Palm OS Object comes in three flavors: The Dialog Edition will install the software for one selectable Palm user, the All Hotsync Users Edition can install software for all users in the Hotsync manager. The Files and Conduits Enterprise Edition also installs Palm Conduits on all 32 bit versions of Windows. BizSoft also offers two objects for BlackBerry and an object to detect the speed and vendor of the CPU on the target machine. The latter object can be downloaded free of charge. For more information visit the BizSoft web site.
Created: 2002-02-14


Palm OS Objects for InstallShield Professional from BizSoft Corporation
Now available

Documentation Update for InstallShield Professional 6.31

Another update for the InstallShield Professional 6.31 help files has been released on January 15, 2002. The update can be obtained by selecting "Check for Updates" from the Online menu or by download from the InstallShield Download Center. This documentation update does not apply to the German Edition of IS 6.3.
Created: 2002-02-09

Virus in Disguise as ""

Another virus called W32/Myparty is currently spreading via e-mail. It doesn't execute automatically but requires the user to click on the attachement in order to run. Although this technique is old, this virus uses a clever trick: the attachement file name is and pretends to be a link to a web site, but it's an executable. Many people may have forgotten that *.com is an extension for executable files on DOS, just like *.exe. Therefore F-Secure says that the "Myparty worm gives a whole new meaning for dot com". Virus scanners like McAfee and F-Secure will need updated or additional virus signature files to detect W32/Myparty.
Created: 2002-01-28

.NET Update for InstallShield Developer

This update is required to fully enable the .NET functionality of InstallShield Developer. It includes the released version of the Microsoft .NET Framework and some modifications to the configuration of InstallShield Developer that are required. This update requires Developer 7.02. To obtain the update select "Check for Updates" from the Tools menu in the Developer IDE or download from InstallShield's .NET Information page where you can also find additional information.
Created: 2002-01-24

Visual Studio .NET Released

Microsoft has released the next version of their software development suite. Visual Studio .NET comes in three editions: Professional, Enterprise Developer and Enterprise Architect. It includes the programming languages Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++, Visual J#, and a lot of other tools, depending on the edition. Visual Studio .NET will be available in stores starting February 13, but subscribers of the Microsoft Developers Network (Professional level or above) can download the package from the MSDN web site already since January 15. It will also be included in the February shipment of MSDN on CD/DVD.
Created: 2002-01-21


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InstallShield Replaces Newsgroups with Web Forums

InstallShield has made all their NNTP based newsgroups read-only. There are now web based discussion forums (similar to the InstallSite Forums) that have some advantages over NNTP groups: you can subscribe to a thread and receive e-mail notifications when posts are made to it, you can search for topics similar to other web search engines, you can hide your e-mail address (to avoid spam) and there's no need to set up a news reader software. On the other hand you can no longer use a software of your choice to organize and archive the messages, you cannot download all postings for offline reading, so browsing through the groups is slower, and you need to register before you can post. There had been a discussion some time ago about the pros and cons of web based groups vs. NNTP groups, but the final decision came somewhat suddenly and without preannouncement. All existing messages from the NNTP groups will be carried over and archived in the web forums, so no information will be lost. The web groups are located at
Created: 2002-01-19

AdminStudio 3.0 Released

InstallShield released a new version of their Windows Installer tool for system administrators. AdminStudio 3 now comes in two flavors: The Professional edition is the successor of AdminStudio 2 and includes a Repackager, a transform creation tool called Tuner, an MSI authoring component based on InstallShield Developer, a Conflict Solver database, and a Workflow Management view that helps to keep track of open and finished tasks. The Standard Edition doesn't include the Conflict Solver and is sold at about half the price of the Professional Edition. AdminStudio now also supports localized installations by adding language packs.
Created: 2002-01-09

Repackager Patch for InstallShield Developer 7.02

InstallShield released a patch that will update the Repackager that is included in Developer 7.02. It fixes problems with the import of the Repackager file (.inc) in Developer. To obtain the update select "Check for Updates" from the Tools menu in the Developer IDE.
Created: 2002-01-03

InstallShield Developer 7.02 Released

The second maintenance pack for InstallShield Developer 7 is now available. This release brings extensive .NET support, a new COM extraction mechanism, and several other enhancements and bug fixes. Users of ISD 7.01 can obtain the patch by selecting "Check for Updates" from the Tools menu in ISD. Users of ISD 7.00 use "Update InstallShield" from the Help menu instead. You can also request a full build of ISD 7.02 by sending your serial number and postal address to with subject line ****FULL VERSION OF DEVELOPER 7.02**** . You must include your serial number in this mail - InstallShield will not provide the full version without your serial number. This update is not applicable to the German edition of InstallShield Developer. Release notes are available at .
Created: 2001-12-15

InstallShield Express 3.53 Released

After several weeks of beta testing the new maintenance pack for InstallShield Express 3 is now available. It includes support for the Windows Installer 2.0 engine, enables custom actions to be launched from their installed location, resolves BDE merge module directory aliases, includes new merge modules for Microsoft Typelib Information Library, Visual FoxPro OLE DB Provider, and Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver, provides password protection support for the SingleImage build type, and more. It also fixes a number of bugs. The update can be obtained by selecting "Update InstallShield" from the Help menu. This maintenance pack is free for all Express 3.5x customers. It does not apply to the German edition.
Created: 2001-12-07

Goner Virus Spreads via Outlook and ICQ

A new virus called W32/Goner@MM was discovered today. It comes as e-mail attachement, but doesn't execute automatically (as Nimda and Badtrans do). It also spreads via ICQ. Once active the virus tries to terminate and delete any anti virus programs it finds on the machine. Virus scanners from McAfee, F-Secure and Symantec require signature updates of December 4 to detect the new virus. For more information see
Created: 2001-12-04

Badtrans Virus Still Spreading

A new variant of the Badtrans virus originally discovered in April is spreading in the wild since November 24, and several infected mails are arriving in my inbox even today, 10 days after the virus has been detected. It uses the same technique as Nimda to automatically run an infected attachment when you preview the mail. It exploits a vulnerability Internet Explorer 5.0 and 5.5. Users of these IE versions should install service pack 2. Internet Explorer 6 is not affected. For more information see the security bulletin from Microsoft. While McAfee VirusScan with DAT files from early November will already detect this new variant, other anti virus software like F-Secure and Norton AntiVirus require new virus definitions of November 24 or later to detect the new variant. Important note for McAfee users: Configuring VirusScan to scan compressed files is required for detection.
Created: 2001-11-25    Last update: 2001-12-04

Fix for False Virus Alert on InstallShield Setups

Setups created with InstallShield Professional 6.31 may trigger a virus alert. Norton AntiVirus with definitions dated on or after November 9, 2001 incorrectly detects InstallShield's iKernel.exe as being infected by the W32.Nimda.enc (dr) virus. Symantec has corrected this problem in their Norton virus definition file dated November 12, 2001. Users who get this false virus alert should run Norton LiveUpdate to ensure they have the latest virus definitions, and then remove the incorrectly detected files from quarantine. Symantec has accepted this as fault and and has posted fixing instructions at . InstallShield knowledge base article Q105740 also describes this problem and the fix.
Created: 2001-11-13

Nimda Virus Spreading Again

Nimda, a virus originally discovered mid September, is spreading again (as I can see in my inbox this first weekend of November). There is a new variant of Nimda, and some anti virus software (like F-Secure) requires an update of the virus signature files to detect it, while other programs (like McAfee) recognize the new variant with the older signatures from end of September. Nimda spreads by e-mail and infects web servers. You can even get infected by visiting an infected web site or viewing an infected e-mail, because the virus is launched automatically. Please keep your anti virus software up to date! Users of Internet Explorer 5.0 and 5.5 should install service pack 2 for their IE version to fix certain vulnerabilities in IE 5.x. Internet Explorer 6 is not affected. For more information see the security bulletin from Microsoft. Note that the virus forges the e-mail headers, so the address in the From: field may not be the real sender of the mail.
Created: 2001-09-18    Last update: 2001-11-04

MDAC 2.7 Released

Mircosoft released the redistributable package for MDAC 2.7 on October 29, 2001. It installs the same version (2.70.7713.4) of MDAC that is included in Windows XP. It is currently available in English, Arabic, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), German, Hebrew, Japanese and Korean. MDAC 2.7 does not include Microsoft Jet, the Microsoft Jet OLE DB Provider, the Desktop Database Drivers ODBC Driver, or the Visual FoxPro ODBC driver, and is not supported on SQL 7.0 Clustered Servers or SQL 6.5 Clustered Servers. This new version cannot be installed on Windows 95. There will be no merge module for MDAC 2.7 from Microsoft in the near future. For more information and downloads visit
Created: 2001-10-30    Last update: 2002-01-16

InstallShield Developer 7.01 German Released

InstallShield Developer is now also available with a German development environment. Version 7.01 is the first German release, version 7.00 was only available in English. Version 7.01 German is built from the same code base as the upcoming English maintenance release, and includes the same bug fixes. Many of the issues that are listed as open in the release notes are actually fixed. For general information about InstallShield Developer see The German release notes can be found at GERMAN
Created: 2001-10-24    Last update: 2001-10-25

Crystal Reports Merge Modules for InstallShield Express

In cooperation with Crystal Decisions, InstallShield has developed a set of merge modules for Crystal Reports 8 and 8.5. The package includes 97 regular merge modules and two objects. They are intended to be used with InstallShield Express 3.51, they are currently not available for other InstallShield products. InstallShield Express 3.52 German Edition already includes the Crystal modules.
The merge module package can be downloaded from the InstallShield Express Resource Center.
Created: 2001-10-10

InstallShield Express 3.5 German Released

The German Edition of InstallShield Express 3.5 is available. It has a version number of 3.52, while the English edition is still at version 3.51. For more information see The update from version 3.0 is not free.
Created: 2001-10-06

MSI 2.0 Available Again

The downloads for version 2.0 of the Windows Installer runtime engine are available again on the Microsoft web site. The ANSI version of instmsi.exe (for Windows 95/98/Me) now has a version number of 2.0.2600.1 while the first release was 2.0.2600.0. The unicode version of instmsi.exe (for Windows NT4/2000) has not been changed, the version is still 2.0.2600.0, the old and the new files are binary identical.
The first release of MSI 2.0 had been published on August 28, 2001 and withdrawn from the web site around September 20. There is no official information why they have been removed, or what changes have been made in the new release. Rumors has it that problems were detected with Windows Me. The download URLs can be found in the Windows Installer FAQ.
Created: 2001-09-25    Last update: 2001-09-30

InstallShield Professional 6.31 Released

Maintenance pack 1 for InstallShield Professional 6.3 is available. Users of InstallShield Professional 6.2x and 6.30 can download version 6.31 at no cost from the InstallShield Download Center. This update is not for the German Edition of IS 6. IS 6.31 is an update to IS 6.30, do not uninstall 6.30. If you are using 6.2x you must first update to 6.30. For information about handling and compatibility of language packs, and suggested update procedure, see the Bugs Bulletin for IS6.
Created: 2001-09-12    Last update: 2001-09-20




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