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Merge Modules in Microsoft Visual Studio Installer 1.0

These MSMs are all dated May 26, 2000

File Name Module Version Description
Atl.msm 3.0.8449.0 ATL Module for Windows
Note: This module includes a known bug.
Comcat.msm 4.71.1460.1 Microsoft Component Category Manager Library
Comct232.msm Microsoft Common Controls 2 ActiveX Control DLL
Comct332.msm Microsoft Common Controls 3 ActiveX Control DLL
Comctl32.msm Windows Common Controls ActiveX Control DLL
Comdlg32.msm CMDialog ActiveX Control DLL
Dbgrid32.msm DBGrid32 OLE Control DLL
Dblist32.msm DBList
Mci32.msm MCI OLE Control DLL
Mdac.msm MDAC 2.1 SP1 Proxy Merge Module
Note: This module only checks for the precence of MDAC, it will not install it. In Knowledge Base article Q257604 Microsoft provides a wrapper.exe that can install DCOM and MDAC before actually launching the msi package. See also: Installing MDAC and DCOM with MSI
Mfc42.msm 6.0.8447.0 MFCDLL Shared Library - Retail Version
Mfc42u.msm 6.0.8447.0 MFCDLL Shared Library - Retail Version
Msadodc.msm Microsoft ADO Data Control
Msbind.msm Microsoft Data Binding Collection Object DLL
Mschrt20.msm Microsoft Chart ActiveX Control
Mscomct2.msm Microsoft Common Controls 2 ActiveX Control DLL
Mscomctl.msm Windows Common Controls ActiveX Control DLL
Mscomm32.msm MSComm
Msdatgrd.msm MSDatGrd.OCX
Msdatlst.msm MSDatLst
Msdatrep.msm MSDatRep.ocx
Msdbrptr.msm Microsoft Data Report Runtime DLL - Version 6.0
Msderun.msm Microsoft Data Environment Runtime
Note: This module includes a known bug.
Msflxgrd.msm MSFlexGrid
Mshflxgd.msm Microsoft Hierarchical FlexGrid Control
Mshtmpgr.msm DHTMLPageDesigner
Msinet.msm Microsoft Internet Transfer Control DLL
Msmapi32.msm MSMAPI Controls
Msmask32.msm MSMask
Msrdc20.msm MSRDC20
Msrdo20.msm MSRDO20 rdoEngine control
Msstdfmt.msm Microsoft Standard Data Formating Object DLL
Msstkprp.msm Microsoft Stock Property Page
Msvbvm60.msm Visual Basic Virtual Machine
Msvcirt.msm 6.0.8168.0 Microsoft (R) C++ Runtime Library
Msvcp60.msm 6.0.8168.0 Microsoft (R) C++ Runtime Library
Msvcrt.msm 6.0.8397.0 Microsoft (R) C Runtime Library
Mswcrun.msm WebClassRuntime
Mswinsck.msm Microsoft Winsock Control DLL
Oleaut32.msm 2.40.4275.1 Microsoft OLE 2.30 for Windows NT(TM) and Windows 95(TM) Operating Systems
Note: An updated version of this module comes with the VBA SDK.
Picclp32.msm PicClip
Sysinfo.msm SysInfo
Tabctl32.msm TABCTL32 OLE Control DLL




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