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Tools: Repackaging & Corporate Deployment

See also: Windows Installer Resources for System Administrators.

Tools with Windows Installer Support


AdminStudio from Flexera Software is a product suite for repackaging and customization applications, as well as finding and resolving potential conflicts between applications. It is designed specifically to meet the application pre-deployment needs of System Administrators. It includes tools to create msi files from scratch or modify existing msi files, to create msi files using repackaging technology, to create transforms and to solve potential conflicts between msi packages. AdminStudio also supports application virtualization solutions like Microsoft App-V, VMware ThinApp and Citrix XenApp, and direct conversion of MSI packages to virtualized applications.
The InstallShield MSI authoring tool is included in the AdminStudio suite.

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Free AdminStudio Editions

Users of the following products can get a limited edition of AdminStudio at no additional cost:

Users of ZENworks Configuration Manager (ZCM) 10 can get AdminStudio Standard Edition at no additional cost.

WWW More information can be found on Flexera Software's web site (click the "Limited Editions" tab).

AppDeploy Repackager

Description from the manufacturer:
The AppDeploy Repackager is a simple freeware snapshot tool for the creation of Windows Installer (MSI) setup packages. Unlike other tools that try to take on the whole drag and drop creation of MSI setups (development tools), the AppDeploy Repackager is simply a snapshot tool that results in a sharable project file which may be used to generate an MSI setup with the click of a button. (AppDeploy is now called ITNinja).

Manufacturer: Dell Inc. (formerly KACE Networks, Inc.), USA
License: Freeware (registration required)

WWW Web Site


Description from the manufacturer:
ASDIS is a product suite for a comprehensive software management, an essential part of the IT infrastructure management in complex environments. It is a point solution designed to aid administrators in managing any type of software applications and content on distributed systems independent of their branch. It offers matured broad functionality for all tasks in managing the software life cycle. Integrated components ensure a fully automated pristine installation of machines, individual configuring of applications and middleware, day-by-day software and content changes, patch management, desaster recovery as well as a very flexible discovery of hardware and software installed.

Manufacturer: ASDIS Software AG (Germany)
License: Commercial

WWW Web Site

CapaInstaller ezMSI

Description from the manufacturer:
CapaInstaller ezMSI enables you to generate Windows Installer packages for any application, regardless of the installer technology used by the original manufacturer. A wizard guides you "step by step" through the entire packaging process without any use of scripting.

Manufacturer: CapaSystems A/S (Denmark)
License: Commercial

WWW Web Site

BMC Software

BMC Software, who acquired Marimba, Inc. in July 2004, offers a family of change and configuration management solutions for desktops, servers and mobile devices.

WWW Web Site

MSI Package Builder

Description from the manufacturer:
MSI Package Builder helps you create MSI packages automatically by using the changes tracking technology, or manually by using the visual editor. The application can be used to repackage legacy installations and convert EXE to MSI files in order to customize installers and prepare them for a silent remote deployment. Thus created packages can be deployed through Group Policy or EMCO Remote Installer.
Remote Installer is also available in a bundle with Remote Installer.

MSI Package BuilderGet more information and buy MSI Package Builder from EMCO Software

Product information

Purchase MSI Package Builder:
Starter - Professional - Enterprise - Enterprise (Unlimited Administrators)

Manufacturer: EMCO Software (Iceland)
License: Commercial

WWW Web Site


English Version

NetInstall is a tool to solve software management problems and control the desktop network. It can update all your workstations from one location. NetInstall allows network administrators to handle software distribution and workstation customization challenges from a single server or across the enterprise.
NetInstall had been distributed by InstallShield Software Corp. for some time, but later was distributed and supported by the original manufacturer enteo Software, Inc. (formerly called NetSupport Solutions, Inc.). In March 2007 enteo has been acquired by FrontRange Solutions.

WWW enteo home page

Network Software Scanner

EMCO Network Software Scanner is designed to perform basic software audit operations in local networks. You can use it to extract information about installed software from PCs located in Windows domains and workgroups. All operations with network PCs are performed remotely and invisible for end users. No client installation or special configuration are required to collect software inventory data remotely from network PCs.

Manufacturer: EMCO Software (Iceland)
License: Freeware

WWW Web Site

Packaging Robot

Description from the manufacturer:
BRAIN FORCE Packaging Robot is able to package both proprietary software and standard systems. Only 10 % of packaged applications require additional manual reworking. As almost all applications are automatically processed in a faultless manner, their quality is extremely high. This gives a low cost, 80 % higher efficiency, and a project of short duration.

Manufacturer: Brain Force Holding AG (Austria)

WWW Web Site

deutsch Deutsche Version

BRAIN FORCE Packaging Robot ist in der Lage, sowohl individuelle als auch Standard-Software zu packagen. Nur bei 10 % der paketierten Applikationen ist noch Nacharbeit nötig. Da fast alle fehlerfrei automatisch bearbeitet wurden, ist die Qualität extrem hoch. Das Resultat sind niedrige Kosten, eine 80 % höhere Effizienz und eine kurze Projektdauer.

WWW Webseite


Prism Pack and Prism Deploy from New Boundary Technologies, Inc. (formerly known as Lanovation) are packaging and deployment tools that can produce Windows Installer packages. A conflict checker is also included.

WWW Web Site


Radia is a software distribution tool that makes change and configuration management much easier. It was originally created by Novadigm, but was acquired by Hewlett-Packard in April 2004 and integrated with HP OpenView.

Real Conflict Explorer

Conflict Explorer is a software for identifying, displaying and resolving potential software conflicts in software packages.

WWW Web Site


Description from the manufacturer:
RemoteExec for Windows is a 100% agentless software solution that allows IT pros to: quickly and easily deploy MSI packages, Service Packs, patches, hotfixes, etc., remotely execute programs (.exe, .bat, .cmd) and scripts (.vbs, .js), as well as associated files (.txt, .doc, .wav, .reg, .inf, .msi, ...), remotely manage Windows configurations (modify registry, change LocalAdmin passwords, disable local accounts, copy/update/delete files and folders), interact with remote Windows systems (power off, wake up, reboot, lock and close sessions, etc.).

Manufacturer: IS Decisions (France)
License: Commercial

WWW Web Site

Remote Installer

Description from the manufacturer:
A remote deployment tool designed for an unattended software installation and uninstallation on PCs connected to a local network. The remote install and uninstall processes are silent and automatic. They allow deploying MSI files on selected PCs remotely and removing applications installed as MSI packages. The application provides software audit features used to retrieve a list of installed applications from every remote PC and to detect software changes.
Remote Installer is also available in a bundle with MSI Package Builder.

EMCO Remote InstallerGet more information and buy Remote Installer from EMCO Software

Product information

Purchase Remote Installer

Manufacturer: EMCO Software (Iceland)
License: Freeware and Commercial

WWW Web Site

WinINSTALL MSI Packager Professional

Description from the manufacturer:
WinINSTALL provides the most popular and comprehensive software packaging solution on the market. It has a complete set of features to create Windows Installer (MSI) files from existing software installations and to modify existing Windows Installer packages using transforms. Unlike other packaging tools WinINSTALL is ideal for IT administrators while powerful enough for developers.
This product formerly known as Vertias WinINSTALL 2000 has been re-acquired by OnDemand Software, who originally developed the product, from Vertias on June 28, 2002. On March 7, 2006, AttachmateWRQ (now Attachmate Corporation) acquired OnDemand Software, Inc. In July 2008 the product was acquired by Scalable Software LLC.

Manufacturer: Scalable Software LLC (USA)
License: Commercial

WWW WinINSTALL home page


WinINSTALL LE (Limited Edition) includes a sub set of the functionality in the full version of WinINSTALL. It is designed to repackage legacy applications (pre-Windows Installer) into packages suitable for distribution with the Windows Installer by taking pre-install and post-install snapshots of your system.
This product formerly known as Vertias WinINSTALL LE has been re-acquired by OnDemand Software in June 2002, which in turn have been acquired by Attachmate Corp. in March 2006. In July 2008 the product was acquired by Scalable Software LLC, and WinINSTALL LE again available free of charge.
A previous version, WinInstall LE 2000, can be found on your Windows 2000 Server CD in directory \VALUEADD\3RDPARTY\MGMT\WINSTLE

WWW WinINSTALL home page

Discontinued, Renamed or Abandoned Products

Below is a list of products that used to be listed on this page but are no longer available separately or have been discontinued:

Tools without Windows Installer Support

Discontinued Products

Below is a list of products that used to be listed on this page but are no longer available:



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