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This advertised application would not be installed because it might be Unsafe. Contact your administrator to change the installation user interface option of the package to basic.

That application used Visual Studio to build the MSI package. Every Visual Studio generated MSI package includes a set of type 19 custom actions to block certain scenarios. (A type 19 custom action is used to display an error message and terminate the installation.) One such scenario is this one. The culprit is the ERRCA_UIANDADVERTISED custom action. The custom action exists in the InstallUISequence table. If the product is advertised, it will prevent execution of the installation in full UI mode. This problem is typically experienced in Group Policy (GP) related software deployment. The Visual Studio generated MSI packages enforce deployment through GP in basic UI. The UI level is a setting available in the MMC snap-in for deploying software. If the product is already advertised, you can invoke the install in basic UI or silently.

Answered by Carolyn Napier in a Windows Installer Chat, edited by Stefan Krueger

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