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How do I create an Internet (URL) Shortcut?

Internet shortcuts are different from regular shortcuts that point to a program or document. They are text files with a .url extension and content in INI file format. The content of such a .url could look like this:


One way to install such a shortcut is to create the .url file on your development computer and add it to a component. You can install this component to [ProgramMenuFolder] or a subfolder thereof to place the Internet shortcut in the Start menu.

If you need to create the .url file on the fly (e.g. in order to add the product serial number to the URL) you can use the IniFile table (or the INI File View in your authoring tool). You should create the following row in the IniFile table (row split into two lines to improve readability):
















You can choose the value for the IniFile column, but it must be a unique identifier (no blanks or special characters). The value in the FileName column will be displayed in the Start menu (minus the .url extension), in this case "InstallSite". A short name equivalent is required. The DirProperty can be a cross reference to the Directory table or any property the resolves to a full path of a folder. The Action value of 0 will create the entry and overwrite any existing value. Replace YourComponent with the name of one of the componets in your setup. The .url file will be created only if that component is being installed. It also controals removal of the file.

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