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Why aren't my [PropertyName] expressions being expanded?

Not every MSI field expands expressions of the form [PropertyName]. For example, the expression [INSTALLDIR] will be expanded if used as a registry key name or value, but [INSTALLDIR] will not be expanded if used as a shortcut description.

To determine if properties will be expanded, look in the MSI Help Library for the desired table (e.g., Registry Table) and field; if the field's Type is listed as "Formatted", properties in square brackets will be expanded. (Some additional MSI data types, such as RegPath, expand properties in square brackets; for details, see the MSI Help Library.)

Note also that fields with data type "Identifier" accept only properties, and therefore square brackets are unnecessary. For example, in the RemoveFile table the DirProperty field is of type Identifier, and so INSTALLDIR would be valid data for the field, but [INSTALLDIR] would not.

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