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Merge Modules in MSDE 2000

Unless otherwise noted these MSMs are dated August 6, 2000. (There is a SQL Server refresh CD with updated merge modules - released November 2000). For information about known problems and bugs in these merge modules see the Bugs Bulletin.

Note: Microsoft no longer recommends the use of these merge modules. Quote: "Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000) SP3a provides merge modules to support existing applications that use merge modules. The Setup utilities for new applications should be written to call the MSDE 2000 Setup utility instead of directly consuming the MSDE 2000 merge modules." The recommended method to redistribute MSDE 2000 is to run MSDE's setup.exe from a bootstrapper program before your actual installation starts.

There are several versions of MSDE 2000 merge modules (listed in chronological order):

How to obtain MSDE 2000 SP3a:

Related information:

Related information:

Language neutral merge modules

File Name Module Version Description
atl.msm 3.0.8449.0
Date: April 27, 2000
ATL Module for Windows
Connect.msm 1.0 Connectivity Merge Module
Dev_scm.msm 1.0 SCM Developer Files Merge Module
Dmo.msm 1.0 DMO Core Files Merge Module
Dtc.msm 1.0 Dtc Merge Module
Dts.msm 1.0 DTS Core Files Merge Module
mfc42.msm 6.0.8447.0
Date: April 27, 2000
MFCDLL Shared Library - Retail Version
Date: April 27, 2000
Microsoft Stock Property Page
msvcirt.msm 6.0.8168.0
Date: April 27, 2000
Microsoft (R) C++ Runtime Library
msvcrt.msm 6.0.8397.0
Date: April 27, 2000
Microsoft (R) C Runtime Library
Repl.msm 1.0 Replication Core Files Merge Module
Sem.msm 1.0 SQL Enterprise Manager Core Files Merge Module
Shared.msm 1.0 Shared Merge Module
Sqlagent.msm 1.0 SQL Agent Core Files Merge Module
Sqlsvr.msm 1.0 SQL Server Core Files Merge Module
Tools.msm 1.0 SQL Server Tools Core Files Merge Module
Upgrade.msm 1.0 Upgrade Files Merge Module

Language specific merge modules: English (1033)

File Name Module Version Description
Dmo_res.msm 1.0 DMO Resource Files Merge Module
Dts_res.msm 1.0 DTS Resource Files Merge Module
Repl_res.msm 1.0 Replication Resource Files Merge Module
Sem_res.msm 1.0 SQL Enterprise Manager Resource Files Merge Module
SQLAGENT_RES.MSM 1.0 SQL Agent Resource Files Merge Module
Sqlbase.msm 1.0 SQL Server Setup Merge Module
SQLSVR_RES.MSM 1.0 SQL Server Resource Files Merge Module
TOOLS_RES.MSM 1.0 SQL Server Tools Resource Files Merge Module




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