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InstallShield Express

InstallShield Express 3 creates Windows Installer (MSI) packages. Tools and Tips for ISX 3 can be found in the Windows Installer section.

GPF when creating Program Manager Group/Icons under Windows 3.1x

InstallShield Express 2.11 GPF's when creating Program Manager Group/Icons under Windows 3.1x. This has been traced to multiple words for the Program Manager Group name. A Program Manager Group name of a single word does not manifest the problem. Keeping the total number of characters well within the Microsoft defined limits does not resolve the problem. For example, a Program Manager Group name of 'This Is My Group' contains only 16 characters and will GPF.

Written by Paul Grace
Last update: 03/22/1999

InstallShield Express to Professional Conversion Tool

This program has been acquired by InstallShield Software Corp. and had to be removed from this site. Please contact InstallShield's Consulting department for information.




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