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InstallShield 2018
Neue Version mit Verbesserungen für IIS, XML, MSBuild, PowerShell, Suite Projekte, Prerequisites u.a.
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InstallShield und AdminStudio Schulungen

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Extensions for InstallShield Java Edition

License Panel with Word Wrap

This extension is similar to the software license agreement panel included with InstallShield, but it will word wrap the text.

ZIP   Written by Tony Huang
File size: 1.934 bytes   Last update: 04/12/1999

Splash Screen

This extension displays a splash screen for 2 seconds. The image file, setup.gif, needs to be included in the root of your source. To change this image, or the duration of the display, you will need to modify You will not able to preview the InfoPanel.

ZIP (1.976 Bytes)   Provided by Tony Huang




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