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Application Virtualization Solutions

Citrix XenApp™

Description from the manufacturer:

Citrix XenApp™, a member of the Citrix Delivery Center product family, is an end-to-end application delivery system that offers both client-side and server-side application virtualization for optimal application performance and flexible delivery options. It’s the best access experience for any user. With the secure application architecture, organizations can centralize applications and data in secure data centers, reducing costs of management and support, increasing data security, and ensuring fast, reliable performance.

XenApp allows IT to deliver secure applications as a service, providing on-demand access to users while affording IT the flexibility to leverage future application architectures. It provides several benefits that make it a strategic system for application delivery.

Manufacturer: Citrix Systems, Inc.

Previous names of this product include Citrix MetaFrame and Citrix Presentation Server.

AdminStudio from Flexera Software works with Citrix XenApp and other virtualization formats to create and customize virtual packages.

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Endeavors Technologies Application Jukebox

Description from the manufacturer:

Application Jukebox - Enterprise Edition is the next generation of application virtualization technology designed to deliver any Windows® application to any PC, anytime and anywhere in the enterprise. Instead of using traditional push technologies such as Microsoft Systems Management (SMS), or client-server based solutions to install or run entire applications, Application Jukebox responds to user requests for applications and immediately pulls the application to a user’s desktop on-demand.

Application Jukebox SaaS edition is an out of the box technology solution for instantly delivering existing Windows® software, as a service, to end users with no re-engineering. Whether a business-to-business or business-to-consumer focus, Application Jukebox immediately opens new revenue opportunities to deliver your applications for sale, rent, subscription or try before you buy.

Manufacturer: Endeavors Technologies

Note: As announced on August 8, 2008, Endeavors PLC is currently in administration and is in the process of being sold to Acresail Limited. More information at KPMG and Business Weekly.

Application Jukebox is the successor to AppExpress.

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Description from the manufacturer:

With InstallFree, corporate IT departments can deploy true virtual applications that seamlessly integrates into any host desktop-environment. Delivered applications are processed locally and run on-demand on any XP or Vista based PC regardless of the host’s OS settings. Users using InstallFree Encapsulated Applications can enjoy a natural user experience that consists of offline availability convenience, software streaming efficiency, and full user autonomy even on locked-down PCs.

Manufacturer: InstallFree Inc.

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KACE Virtual Kontainers

Description from the manufacturer:

KACE Virtual Kontainers continue the tradition of ease of use by integrating virtual application technology within the KBOX Systems Management appliance. This allows users to easily create, deploy and manage the Virtual Kontainers directly from the KBOX console without special skills or extensive training, making them appealing to enterprises of all sizes. Because applications can now be contained within a KACE Virtual Kontainer, they eliminate such labor intensive tasks as regression testing, script creation for installation customizations, application repackaging and troubleshooting of the application installation, update and removal processes.

Manufacturer: KACE Networks, Inc

On September 10, 2008 KACE announced the acquisition of Computers In Motion. CiM's application virtualization offerings (SafeContainers for IE  and Avispa) are being updated and enhanced as the foundation of a new set of solutions called KACE Virtual Kontainers.

Dell Inc. and KACE announced on February 11, 2010 that Dell intends to acquire KACE.

KACE is also the owner of

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Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V)

Description from the manufacturer:

Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization is the only virtualization solution that delivers applications that are never installed and dynamically delivered, on demand. Whether deployed on desktops, laptops or, terminal servers, SoftGrid changes application management from a series of manual tasks into an automated, streamlined process that accelerates the pace and reduces the cost of business.

SoftGrid's patented application virtualization, dynamic streaming delivery, and centralized management technologies make everything from deployments and upgrades to migrations and business continuity initiatives, easier and faster with better agility:

Manufacturer: Microsoft Corp.

This product originated under the name Softricity. When Microsoft acquired Softricity, Inc. in 2006 it was renamed to Microsoft Softgrid and later Softgrid Application Virtualization. With version 4.5 it was renamed to Microsoft Application Virtualization with the official short name App-V.

AdminStudio and InstallShield from Flexera Software and Advanced Installer from Caphyon work with Microsoft App-V to create and customize virtual packages.

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deutsch German webcast

T-Systems & Microsoft: "Bis zu 50% Kosteneinsparungen durch Applikationsvirtualisierung mit Softgrid"

Welche Chancen und Risiken birgt die Applikationsvirtualisierung mit SoftGrid? Für welche Unternehmen ist diese Innovationstechnologie interessant? Wie kommen Einsparungen von 50 % in der Software-Verteilung zustande?

WWW Webcast-Aufzeichnung (entgegen den Angaben auf der Seite nicht nur Audio sondern auch die Folien)

Rules of thumb from this Microsoft & T-Systems webcast:

Novell ZENworks Application Virtualization

Description from the manufacturer:

Novell ZENworks virtualized applications run in an isolated environment that's immune to conflicts with internal applications. Each virtualized application is packaged with all application files, settings, runtimes, and components needed to run immediately. Applications act just like they would if they were installed locally, but your operating system, registry and run-time environments remain unchanged.

Manufacturer: Novell, Inc.

Novell ZENworks Application Virtualization solution is also based on Xenocode's virtualization technology.

WWW Web Site

Softanics BoxedApp

Description from the manufacturer:

BoxedApp is an application virtualization tool providing solutions to create a virtual environment, embedding DLLs, ActiveXs, .Net Runtime and creating portable applications.

BoxedApp SDK is a developer library that provides a set of functions for emulating a file system and a system registry for an application. Using these functions, you can create virtual files, fake registry entries, keys and values.

BoxedApp Packer is a developer utility for converting your regular full-fledged applications to single self-sustaining executable files that don't require the installation in order to be run.

Manufacturer: Softanics (no contact information on website)

WWW Web Site


Description from the manufacturer:

Spoon virtualization lets you run desktop apps anywhere with no installs – at work, at home, or on the road.

Spoon Studio was previously named Virtual Application Studio and manufactured by Xenocode, a Code Systems Corporation company.

Manufacturer: Spoon

Novell ZENworks Application Virtualization solution is also based on Xenocode's virtualization technology.

WWW Web Site

Symantec Endpoint Virtualization Suite

Description from the manufacturer:

Symantec Endpoint Virtualization Suite (formerly known as Software Virtualization Solution Professional) is a revolutionary approach to optimizing software management. It serves the needs of traditional, virtual and hybrid enterprise endpoints, providing high productivity with controlled, guaranteed access to any Windows application. Application streaming provides the on-demand delivery mechanism and centralized license management, while virtualization places applications and data into managed units.

Manufacturer: Symantec Corp.

This product was previously named Altiris® Software Virtualization Solution™ (SVS). In April 2007 Altiris, Inc. was acquired by Symantec Corp. and in 2009 the product was renamed to Symantec Endpoint Virtualization Suite.

Wise Package Studio, also from Symantec, can prepare packages for SVS.

WWW Web Site

VMware ThinApp

Description from the manufacturer:

VMware ThinApp is an Application Virtualization Platform that enables complex software to be delivered as self-contained EXE files which can run instantly with zero installation from any data source. The core of ThinApp is the Virtual Operating System, a small light-weight component which is embedded with each “Thinstalled” application.

ThinApp acts as a thin Virtual Operating System (VOS) that merges a virtual system environment with the real system environment. The Thinstall Virtual OS consists of the Virtual File system (VFS), and Virtual Registry (VREG). ThinApp generates a single secure executable file which virtualizes the application and associated registry and filesystem changes.

ThinApp packages can be deployed using any existing software deployment systems including Active Directory and SMS. ThinApp has no client or server components to manage or maintain and ThinApp can transparently stream large applications from any network attached storage devices without server software.

Manufacturer: VMware, Inc.

This product originated under the name Thinstall. After VMware acquired Thinstall in 2008 it was renamed to ThinApp with the release of version 4.0.

WWW Web Site

AdminStudio from Flexera Software works with VMware ThinApp and other virtualization formats to create and customize virtual packages.

Thinstall/AdminStudio Webcast: Application Virtualization Reduces Costs with Conflict Free Applications


Software & training available at the InstallSite Shop


Software & training available at the InstallSite Shop




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